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electric vehicles

Increase in the Import of Electric Vehicles in Guyana

Electric mobility and transportation offer a low-cost alternative to traveling and the minimization of combustion energy and harmful emissions. With the electric four-wheelers, hybrid EVs, and electric two-wheeler vehicles considered as EV’s or electric cars, automobile manufacturers are taking a more contemporary path for their vehicles now. With customs, embargo, and duty-exemptions in effect for the import of EVs in Guyana, an increasing number of electric vehicles are being imported to the developing country for a greener and eco-friendlier future. As part of the government’s measures for supporting a greener agenda and instilling confidence in people to move towards electric and hybrid vehicles, Guyana is accepting the shift in transportation dynamics.

Citizens in Guyana just have to consider the charging station contingency as the country is currently developing, and the infrastructure requires an overhaul. Apart from the contingency mentioned earlier, there is no other hindrance when it comes to importing electric vehicles in Guyana as the government, the private sector, and yes, Guyana’s people prefer EV over traditional fuel cars.

Recent Insights

Car dealers in Guyana began readily importing Electric Vehicles (EV) over one year ago when customs and duty exemptions came into effect to import electric vehicles. With continued demand for EVs, the show-stopper Nissan Leaf is the most renowned import electric vehicles in Guyana.  It has become very clear that with the current rate of fuel and oil consumption, the traditional fuel-operated cars are not sustainable and are damaging to the overall environment. The most viable alternative right now is the Electric Vehicle that packs a punch!

In Guyana, you can easily get Nissan Leaf as an entry-level electric vehicle as it delivers performance, reliability, and user-friendliness! The Nissan Leaf is considered one of the most successful mid-range EV to date and one of the most popular electric vehicles in Guyana!

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